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Choosing Yourself: Chapter 5: The Simply Daily Practice - 6 Insights

If you must practice anything, practice having a shift in perception.
Make the invisible (what you're thinking and believing) visible - It may surprise you.
Idols were created to make you feel less and more at the same time. A slippery slop.
Most of the time we see what's not there. The goal is to see what's not there. Read it twice.
The world has changed. It's just patiently waiting for me to catch up.
The daily practice invites you to think differently. Are you willing?

    1. On being stuck. It's impossible to feel stuck when you're moving (in any direction). Being stuck has more to do with my frame of mind and how I'm thinking and nothing to do with what's going on outside of me.

    2. A simply daily practice is essential. I question what it is that I choose to practice. Direction first. Hint: All of us already have a daily practice at doing something but our ladders are leaned against the wrong wall.

    3. Becoming aware of Infinite Presence means simply to be present. Have you ever had any problem while being aware that you're in the present moment? It's not possible. Try it.

    4. Everything is so convoluted. Everybody has an idea of what you should do but every plan, every idea, every strategy falls short and you're back to square one again. Some of you will know what I mean.

    5. The one thing you should do. Use honey. Let go of your grievances. See all things that others do that you do not like as a call for love. Give your gifts and talents to the world. Do this for 30 days straight and thank me later.

    6. Forgiveness says, "hey, you got me all wrong." Forgiveness is not pardoning. This is not true forgiveness. I am still making someone else wrong and myself right. Forgiveness is understanding that what I thought you did - never happened.

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