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Choose Yourself - Chapter 9 - Just Do It! - 10 Insights

It's not about what I'm capable of doing, it's about what I will do.
Money - Smoney - it's a by-product

    1. Do others really screw us? Do others really cheat, deceive, and defraud us? If so, what role do we play in the screwing? Claim that! Take a good look at that and we discover we had our hand in the cookie jar too.

    2. What value do we gain from ever playing the victim's role? There must be something there because we are so eager to assume the role. Because when I'm pointing the figure at you I don't notice all the fingers pointing back at me.


    3. Take inventory of your circle. Are most of the people happy? Are most of the people making millions? Are most people living the dream? I'm doomed and so are the people around me.

    4. We can't fool Mother Nature. The world knows when we are being disingenuous and inauthentic regardless of the words flowing out of our mouths.

    5. IF I hate anything about you what I'm really saying is I hate me. Hate is nothing more than a disguised form of fear. Even if I hate the behavior and not the person they are one in the same. Hate is a 180 degree turn from love.

    6. People over money. We are so enamored with money that we will sell our souls to stockpile as much as we can and guess what - we're still not happy. We are prisoners to green pieces of paper.

    7. All of us are artists. The world we see is the world we are creating. Our voices are being heard more than ever before but the real question is what are we saying.

    8. Needs: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Needs. When we speak of needs our spiritual needs are last on the totem pole but it's the only need with stability. 3/4 of our needs are filled with instability.

    9. I doubt if anyone reading this will agree with me but it's not in agreement that you will discover this is true for yourself - it's a daily practice. - Nothing outside of yourself will EVER MAKE YOU HAPPY and if it does it's fleeting.

    10. The reason why our roofs keep caving in is because we have a faulty foundation.

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