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Choose Yourself: I Choose Myself: An Introduction (11 Insights)

Hitting Rock Bottom
Dark Night Of The Soul
The Point Of No Return

The above phrases are tossed around a lot but are often misinterpreted. Most people really don't know how to release themselves from the downward spiral they're in. Many times they choose death as the solution.

What those situations, regardless of what you may call them, are an invitation for may things such as:
Surrendering to "what is" not wanting anything to be different than the way it is.
Realization that our best thinking has led us to where we are.
To have and idea (there goes that idea word again) that there must be a better way.
An understanding that what we thought we had, we really didn't.

This is a very personal journey that only you can take.

    1. If something keeps happening to us perhaps there's a message that we're not getting (obviously or perhaps not so obvious)

    2. A true friendship is never lost. Real friends are unconditional not a fair-weather friend.

    3. Money comes and goes like the wind. Unfortunately, many of us tie our worth to how much we have do not have in the bank.

    4. The worst thing we can have in most situations is another thought. Thoughts are where the problems really are. Our thoughts rarely, if ever, match what's really going on. We have a tendency to over exaggerate everything.

    5. How do we propose to know what's good for our kid's lives when our lives are in a wreck. Good decisions never come from a distressed mind. The two are mutually exclusive.

    6. I'm Psychic. You're Psychic. Being psychic means that you faculties that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws. This is our inner wisdom, the Deep I, and a knowing that passes all understanding.

    7. Isn't interesting how we run from the fire into the furnace and we seldom stop to ask ourselves am I going in the right direction.

    8. Alert! Alert! - There is nothing you need TO DO to be successful. However, if you start from a place of BEINGNESS you will be able to access a part of your mind that knows you were born a success - because God Don't Create No Junk.

    9. Believing that the rollercoaster of life is the only way is faulty thinking. We find ourselves on the rollercoaster of life when we are following a path that we've chosen, rather than the path that has been chosen for us.

    10. Maybe it's time to redefine what we call being successful because a whole lot of people that claim to be that seem to be extremely unhappy and always laying on some therapist sofa.

    11. You don't find success. You help others be successful. You don't find friends. You befriend another and let them know they're not alone. People think that choosing yourself is a selfish act but that couldn't be further from the truth.

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