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Choosing Yourself: Chapter 18 - What I Learned from Superman - 3 Insights

The superpower that no one talks about - The Ability To Change Our Minds
As our Minds heal so does the world because all Minds are joined.
One Super Power is all you need when it's the right One.

    1. Superpower 1: Giving up attack thoughts against myself and others.

    When I attack you, I attack me.
    When I relinquish the attack thoughts about you...I think you can see where this is going.

    2. Superpower 2. Giving up my need to judge what should or shouldn't be.

    What is - Is.
    Arguing with reality (what is) doesn't change it.
    How am I supposed to know what's best for 7.9 billion people?
    Can a plan created by "All That Is" fail?

    3. Superpower 3: Giving up my need to make any plans against any uncertainties to come my way.

    The future is uncertain.
    This is what the media tells me.
    This is what I see.

    When I give up my need to plan against such uncertainties I am FREE.
    Anything I plan has uncertainty woven into it.
    I know that I am eternally provided for - no need for planning.
    Let's pretend just for a moment that I wasn't provided for...do you believe that I could depend on the world to provide for me?

    P.S. You're provided for too...some of you just don't realize it yet.

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