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Christmas presents I could make

Christmas presents I could make for very little cost just some time and effort.

    1. Child's book

    A book with family photos and a small story to go along with it. Maybe based around one or more of our pets, of which there are lots of photos.

    2. Pressed flower & leaf picture

    Utilise an old (refurbished) picture frame to house a flower and or leaf image.

    3. Pet rock

    A nicely shaped small rock, painted and/or dressed (with wobbly eyes) set on an attractive piece of wood. Maybe a small story about it - name, birthdate, likes & dislikes.

    4. Driftwood and sea shell collage

    Maybe a scene or maybe just a pattern. Old, ornamental picture frame from a second-hand shop to house it. Or use driftwood/shells as a frame.

    5. Lettuce growing kit

    Pot, seeds, potting mix and instructions.

    6. Wood toy

    Utilise some wood offcuts and a bit of ingenuity to create a child's toy.

    7. Door or wall hanging with person's name

    More uses for wood offcuts. I have a router so could route out the letters.

    8. Balsa wood picture

    Transfer inkjet image onto balsa wood for an interesting variation.

    9. Coasters

    More uses for wood offcuts. Glue images onto coaster-size wood. Google how to do it.

    10. Puppet

    Puppet on a string made from leftover bits and pieces.

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