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Nicola Fisher


City-life or Suburbs - What do you prefer and Why?

We relocated to the Derbyshire countryside from Manchester (a big city in the UK) in October 2020. It had been a long held dream of mine to live in Derbyshire specifically and somewhere rural. Recently we've had a few trips back to the big smoke - the counterpoint to country living! Here's why I prefer our country life.


    1. No billboards

    In Manchester, there are advertising hoardings everywhere. Video ads on screens. Interactive advertising. It's everywhere. In our nearest town now, there's no advertising. No assault on the senses, it's much more calm.

    2. Rush hour is a thing of the past

    It could take me 2 hours to get into work on a bad day, and over an hour to get home. Traffic was always slow, jams all the way. Here, in Derbyshire, rush hour is a handful of cars!

    3. A different vibe

    Yes, it's a slower pace of life in the country. But there's also a different vibe out here. We can feel the difference now as we drive into bigger towns and cities. The energy shifts.

    4. Community

    We are part of a lovely community of people. Despite being outsiders, we've been welcomed with open arms. Locals know us. Everyone says hello when you're out walking or stop to chat. There's a sense of belonging which I never had in Manchester.

    5. Cows

    I love cows. I wanted to live in a place where I could visit with cows and talk to them. 10 minutes away from home there's a dairy farm where I can spend time with the cows and calves, buy fresh milk, and even be invited to watch the cows go out into the field for the first time in Spring.

    6. Trees and green

    As far as the eye can see around here, it's green. Lush fields, lots of trees. My favourite things.

    7. Seasons

    It's easier to notice the seasons. I'm more aware of the cycles, what flowers are going to bloom first. We felt the hints of Autumn much earlier than we ever did in the city.

    8. A different way of life

    There's an appreciation for traditions and crafts. People own hens and sell eggs at their garden gate. You can buy milk direct from the farmer. Everyone wears outdoor clothes, hats and wellies or boots. There are annual events such as well dressings and Shrovetide football.

    9. Local food and produce

    There's an abundance of farm shops where you can buy locally produced food.

    10. Nice neighbours

    Our neighbours live here for similar reasons to us. We're all on the same wavelength and appreciate this way of life. Everyone pitches in and helps each other when the need arises.

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