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Classes They Should Require In College Rather Than The Traditional

There are a ton of college classes that are not necessary. That do not prepare you for the real world, but keep a lot of teachers employed. There is no reason that college needs to last 4 years.

There are several classes that I wish I would have learned that would have learned in school, but didn't

    1. Personal Finance

    What is compound interest? How does the stock market work? What is the difference between an owner and an employee?

    How do home loans work? Car loans?

    Would have loved to have learned the basics of money in a classroom setting. So many people would be financially better off if they had to take a class in school.

    2. Everything Credit cards

    How does your credit score work?

    How much do credit card charge in interest? No APR cards.

    The ins and outs of credit card points and traveling.

    3. How to get promotions and raises

    Creating a success folder. How to talk to your boss about increasing your salary. Finding a new job. Increasing your skills over time.

    4. Public Speaking 101

    Communicating your ideas in public is important.

    5. Relationships 101

    This course number 2 about how to communicate

    - How to be the best version of yourself that other find attractive

    - How to communicate with your partner

    - How to resolve conflict

    - How to partner with other on money

    - Aligning values

    - Raising children

    6. How to deal with customers

    Every business has customers. Every artist has patrons.

    Find them. Satisfy them. Grow your customer base.

    7. Turning your work into a class

    Whatever you do, document the process and become the expert.

    8. How to retire early

    Basic tenents of financial education.

    Reduce your expenses. Increase your income. Purchase assets. How to determine when is the right time to retire. Get out of debt.

    9. How to find a job that matches your interests

    What do you like to do? What do you want to learn more about? What are you naturally inclined to be better at?

    10. Dealing with conflict 101

    We all have people that we have to deal with on a regular basis. How can you resolve conflict quickly and efficiently without getting heated. Repairing a relationship that is broken.

    11. How to teach yourself anything.

    College is really about teaching yourself. You will have a professor, but it is up to the student to learn the material. Get a good grade. Get a good job.

    What are the different learning styles? How do you learn best to retain knowledge? What do you need to know to get an A on the exam?

    12. Social Media 101

    You can use social media to inform your friends, grow an audience or make money on a specific topic. How to use social media effectively without getting in trouble and how to maximize your time and effort put into social media to get the most out of it.

    13. How To Sell

    Everything is a sales transaction. You have to sell yourself to potential mates, employers, your parents. Everyone should learn some techniques to sell their ideas better.

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