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Climate Change impact small business ideas

Thinking about the "businesses of the future" that could be created.

    1. Pre-packaged 72-hour emergency kits

    2. Flood protection for properties

    3. Forest Fire protection for properties

    Worth looking at California and other SW US states to see what they have had to do apply that farther north.

    4. Ebike sales and maintenance

    5. Solar reflective roof tiles/shingles

    6. Install house-sized batteries to take advantage of low electricity rates at night

    7. Solar install

    8. Solar/wind power electronic management systems

    9. Wind power install

    10. Local food production

    11. Grow food at home systems

    12. Heat pump installs

    13. Replace gas appliances with electric

    14. Green Consulting

    Many small businesses are struggling to become more ecofriendly and save money on energy costs. A green consultant can help them make the transition by finding the best ways to save energy and lower their carbon footprint.

    15. Recycling Business

    With more and more people becoming aware of the need to recycle, there is a growing market for businesses that can recycle materials. Recycling businesses can help reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, and can also create new products from recycled materials.

    16. Solar Energy Business

    Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that is becoming increasingly popular as a way to power homes and businesses. Solar energy businesses can help people save money on their energy bills, and can also help the environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

    17. Local Food Business

    Local food businesses are popping up all over the country as people become more interested in eating healthy, locallygrown food. Local food businesses can help connect people with the farmers who grow their food, and can also provide fresh, healthy food to their communities.

    18. Green Building Business

    Green building is an environmentallyfriendly way to build homes and businesses. Green building businesses can help people save money on their energy bills, and can also help reduce the impact of construction on the environment.

    19. Revive tradional building styles that don't use concrete, fresh wood or other carbon-intensive resources

    20. Electric cargo bike manufacturer / sales

    21. Evacuation kits for pets.

    22. Local production

    an awareness org to highlight, encourage 100 km businesses

    23. electric scooter rentals for small towns

    24. Bike parking boxes - big enough for cargo bikes

    lockable, in downtowns and in parking lots of major retailers

    25. Building "solar forests" in city parks

    energy production and cooling shade

    ADD: drought resistant landscaping

    Customer back yard collong structures w shade and misters

    Water reclaim systems. Living systems for water treatment?

    Backyard. Indoor garden systems/ plans

    3D print adaptations of household stuff(?)

    Earthship builder

    (other home Structures w. great insulation

    New Dutch Ag technologies

    with light sculpture: one phrase at noon on summer solstice, a different word at noon on winter solstice

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