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"Cocoon" Wish List

We've gotten our furniture moved into our new home, and there's lots of unpacking to do, but I have a list of items we'd eventually like to add to make our home the ultimate place to hang out comfortably.

    1. Bed Set for Shark Boy

    My eldest will be in the guest room for the time being, but he wants (teenager) his own space in the basement. We have a room earmarked, but no bed yet.

    2. Bean Bag Chairs

    There's a space upstairs that would make a nice little reading nook. We have one chair there, but adding a little more relaxed seating would be good.

    3. Partition/Divider

    To make the reading nook more private

    4. Ping-Pong Table

    We try to find ways to keep the kids (and ourselves) occupied without screens. This might also appeal to the kids' ability to invite friends over (those not addicted to X-Box, I suppose)

    5. Foosball Table

    See #4

    6. Trampoline

    Both boys are acrobatic, and the yard is big enough for a fairly decent one.

    7. NOT INCLUDED: Swimming Pool

    Our old house had one, and though I'll miss the ability to go swimming when I want, I won't miss the maintenance costs - I don't think the yard can accommodate it.

    8. Home Projector

    There is a theatre room in the basement, and a home projector could enable good movie nights. The screentime caveat can only go so far...

    9. Patio Furniture

    We gave up some of ours which was showing wear and tear, so we'll need to be able to entertain outdoors sometimes during warmer weather.

    10. Ice Tub

    I like to play with cold exposure, and a dedicated tub would be nice.

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