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Cola Wars

Crystal Pepsi, Vanilla Coke, Pepsi Kona, and Cherry Coke were some of my favorite variations of Pepsi and Coca-Cola sodas. Both soda companies have long histories of failed experimental drinks. If I were hired by a cola company for a day to brainstorm some new ideas, what would I come up with?

BTW, a fun discovery I made: if you just added a drop or two of black coffee to a can of Pepsi, it tasted almost exactly like Pepsi Kona. They don't make Pepsi Kona anymore, but you can always recreate what it tasted like with this hack.

Cola Wars

    1. Coca-Cola 1888

    The original formula of Coca-Cola, minus sweeteners and cocaine. I imagine it would taste pretty medicinal and bitter, but I would drink it.

    2. Pepsi Freeze

    Pepsi with menthol, eucalyptus, and mint. Cool enough to cause brain freeze!

    3. Coke Inferno

    Spiked with cayenne and black pepper. It should add a kick!

    4. Stevia Diet Pepsi

    Pepsi sweetened with only stevia (none of that aspartame or sugar alcohol stuff). I imagine it would be a lot like Zevia cola, which I find not bad.

    5. Coke Marzipan

    Almond flavor coke. I love marzipan.

    6. Wild Mountain Blueberry Pepsi

    I generally don't care for flavored coffees, but I've always liked Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee. Pepsi could totally borrow that idea.

    7. Rum Raisin Coke

    One of my favorite flavors of ice cream. I think it would go well with Coke.

    8. Jalapeno Lime Pepsi

    If spicy cold beverages ever become a fad, here's an idea for Pepsi.

    9. Coke Sport

    Less than half the sugar, less carbonation, and packed with electrolytes, caffeine, and some gimmick like guarana. The ultimate legal performance-enhancing drink!

    10. Tropical Pepsi

    Take Pepsi, and add some pineapple and coconut flavors.

    11. Hazelnut Coke

    Coca-Cola took the most popular coffee flavor, French Vanilla, and made a good drink out of it. How about the next most popular flavor?

    12. Pepsi Red Velvet

    The flavors of red velvet cake in a soda!

    13. If they were allowed to add drugs to sodas...

    How about CBD Coke (with cannabidiol!) or Pepsi Trip (containing a microdose of psychedelic drugs!)?

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