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Computer Monitors

Shooting off the cuff right now just coming up with ideas for computer monitors. If one, some or all of these are already being done, let me know

Computer Monitors

    1. Pull down/push button screen protector

    If you have a reliable PC or a custom built PC, it gets dusty and if you have a touch screen monitor then of course it can get smudges and fingerprints pretty much on the daily. So what if the monitor had a built in screen protector that you could even program to open after being away from the screen for some time? You can also push a button to release it on command, or pull it down or to the side if you wish? This could also apply to a laptop because sometimes you keep it flipped open and walk away, or you just don't want to close it, then you could have use for this.

    2. Monitor that can sense hand movements and gestures

    The monitor doubles as a giant sensor that has a setting that when turned on, will sense your hands movement in front of the monitor and without touching the screen, it will operate like a touch screen. You can also make pre-programmed gestures that will do commands that you can program yourself.

    3. Expandable Screen Monitors

    This could have already been done for all I know, I am thinking a monitor that has the capacity to be expanded in different directions to where you can either push a button or two, or a slide or two on the monitor where it will expand up, or left or right. Sizes can vary depending on cost.

    4. Built in fans that can blow warm or cold air

    I know there are attachable fans out there, but what about ones that are part of the monitor? They could be made with or without moveable vents depending on which model you go with, some only blow cool air, while the top of the line will do two or even more modes of air.

    5. Folding Monitor

    There are now folding SmartPhones. Why not a folding monitor? Some people just need a decent monitor to hook up to an existing hard drive or PC or other peripherals, even hook it up or use mirroring to broadcast your Smartphone to this monitor. You could fold it for easy business travel, or personal travel.

    6. Post-it-Note dispenser built in to the monitor

    Probably not a good idea, since you could simply just peel of a Post-it-Note and place it on the monitor or where ever you wanted to put it without having this invention. I love post it notes, and for years I used to have a ton of them, somewhere between 30-40 (no joke) all around my monitor and anywhere in between. Having one as part of the monitor to where I can place a pack inside the holder and just pull one out when I need it would save me the 3.9 second hassle of finding one in a drawer. It could even have different sizes around the monitor. Ok, you can laugh now.

    7. An outside scrolling frame for your monitor

    Ok, I can picture this in my mind but not sure if I can articulate my vision here. This could possible be an add on product, but it could also be something that a monitor could be equipped with, a screen on the outside? Think about the crawl on the bottom a tv broadcast, an NBA/MLB/NFL game where you have scrolling news, information, scores crawling on the bottom of the screen. Well this monitor would have that and you could customize it to be on the bottom, side, top, just the side, or both sides, or one side and the top, you could have them both on top. You get the picture right? You can make them thin, small, in between, large. You can have different information on each one you choose, or the same information on all if you wish. You could simply make them colors or whatever designs you want or create. Think of Digital Crayola!

    8. NFT Monitor

    You create your own NFT monitor. I think this would have to be either a start up or a computer company that already exists. You create your own special, one of a kind PC/Monitor/Laptop through an NFT that will be made for you to also use. There are probably more ideas that those who are deep into the NFT space could add to. Anyone out there have something to add here?

    9. Speaking AI Monitor

    Reaching here, but a monitor that has built in AI that can listen to you and do certain commands like dim, brightness settings, sound settings, open, close, basic commands that control the monitor and or functions of the hard drive it's connected to. It can learn about you through conversations you have on web meetings, conversations you have with the AI and if you allow, conversations with people in person. I did not think this through, just thought of it now so it could be the second lamest idea you have ever seen for all I know.

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