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    1. Air filter

    Air filter that filters out pollen, germs, etc. would be very helpful to people with bad allergies.

    2. A mini-fridge that keeps stuff cold for a week without electricity.

    I'd love to have a fridge in my NYC apartment that I can get stuff from even when the power is off.

    3. A bed that is comfortable but also helps you sleep better.

    There are studies that show people who sleep less than 6 hours a day live shorter lives.

    4. An air purifier and humidifier in one device.

    Keeps the humidity down so you don't get mold but also purifies the air of germs and other things.

    5. A coffee maker that makes great coffee and also an IV drip of caffeine so you don't need coffee the rest of the day.

    There are now companies selling this (see article below) but I'd like it in my kitchen countertop appliances so I can make a cup of coffee at 9am and then be done with it for the day instead of needing more caffeine later on in the day.

    6. A "smart" toothbrush that keeps track of your brushing habits and tells you if you are missing spots or brushing too hard or too soft. And also gives you an electric shock if you miss a spot or brush too hard to remind you to do better ne

    Would save people money on dental bills since they would know how to brush their teeth better and not need as many fillings or other procedures related to bad dental hygiene (which is seemingly rampant these days).

    7. An app that shows me what clothes look good on me based on what color combinations work best with my skin tone, age, etc

    and then orders them for me if they are available at Amazon Prime so they arrive two days later
    Like an AI stylist for men's clothes (or women's)
    This would solve all shopping problems for me since I hate shopping anyway but always have no idea what looks good on me and am too lazy to go try things on at stores which would take much more time than just waiting two days for something delivered by Prime Now/AmazonFresh/etc

    Note, there IS such an app called ClothesMint but it only works for women right now (see below)

    8. An app that tells me where all traffic lights will be red in realtime so I can adjust my commute accordingly (or perhaps even predict where traffic jams might occur due to weather events or other reasons)

    Would save lots of time commuting each day as well as reduce pollution from all those cars idling at red lights going nowhere fast
    This is already being done by some cities using cameras around major intersections but I think it could be much more pervasive and accurate if done via AI algorithms rather than humans watching video feeds 24x7x365 from cameras all over town (which is how most cities do it now)
    Note, there IS such an app called Waze but it's primarily used by commuters driving cars around town although they do have bikers using it as well (see below)

    9. An air conditioner/heater combo unit which can change temperature quickly so when someone comes home from work, their house is exactly the temp they want it before they even get out of their car because this unit will have turned itself o

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