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Could the covid vaxes be placebos?

Probably not,but as I've been learning more about placebos I thought this would be a fun conspiracy style list.

    1. Speed at which they where made

    If it was a placebo the speed wouldn't matter. Too soon and it wouldn't be effective, but tell a good story on why these have been made faster and they might still be effective.

    2. Needle vs tablet

    We assume needles are much more effective than tablets. As a result the placebo vaccine will be much more powerful than a sugar pill.

    3. Scarcety

    If everyone was able to get it on the same day we'd assume something was up. By slowing the spread and starting with the most vulnerable we assume it's real. Old and vulnerable would want it to work more than anyone else. Seeing how affective it is on them will make others believe it will be effective for them.

    4. Effects

    It reduces symptoms. Nothing else. Sounds like a placebo to me.

    5. Side effects

    We've heard the other side say heart failures are linked to this. What is having strong side effects is just a story to help push just how effective they are. Every drug has side effects. By pushing some big ones the placebo seems more real.

    6. They're safe

    How can you be so sure without a long term study? Maybe because nothing dangerous is actually going into the body.

    7. Hush hush

    Noone can see as if people relise it's nothing it may be less effective (might be just as effective. Placebos are weird).

    8. Propaganda

    There was a hell of a lot. The more something is repeated the more we believe it to be true. This is safe and super effective.

    9. Multiple jabs

    Placebos are affective when you have a routeen. Once a day is too much for a vaccine, but once every six months? That sounds right. The science says viruses mutated maybe I'm getting a new vaccine that tackles the new varient.

    10. Maybe I'm just mad

    I was listening to a podcast on placebos and the thought of a placebo to get rid of covid came to mind

    Maybe the vaxes aren't, probably not, but what if they did make one. Would it be as effective?

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