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Countries that I would like to see exist in the future

No real political motivation here, just curiosity.

Countries that I would like to see exist in the future

    1. A part of Antarctica

    2. One or several chunks of present-day Belgium

    Some Belgians want an independent Flanders, or an independent Wallonia (less common). People usually seem to think it's unlikely to happen. I have no idea if it would be good or bad, but it would be exciting.

    Let's say Flanders becomes independent. Maybe they would let people from Brussels (which is its own, bilingual region separate from Flanders and Wallonia) become citizens of Flanders while remaining citizens of what's left of Belgium? What would happen to Brussels is a big question. Would it go to Flanders, to Wallonia, or will it get split in two? Would it become its own city-state? This is starting to sound a bit far-fetched, but what do I know.

    While I don't know that much about my own country (Belgium) because I'm not strongly attached to it, my feeling is that an independent Flanders would make sense, if only because they're so different from Wallonia. They're more conservative, they're richer, they have their own culture. I get it.

    And now I've just found an article that I'm excited to read: What if Wallonia became French in 2024?

    Some also think that Flanders should join the Netherlands.

    Belgium is a bit of a silly country, really. Charming in many ways, but silly. Perhaps charming in large part because it's silly.

    3. Liberland

    Micronation between Serbia and Croatia, currently not recognized by any sovereign country.

    4. Bir Tawil

    Between Egypt and Sudan.

    There seem to be several attempts at a micronation there. I came across a website that described a project to create some sort of Dubai-like city-state there, but I can't find it anymore. It sounded pretty good.

    5. Artificial islands somewhere

    6. Microstates on Mars

    Could this be a thing?

    7. Greenland

    8. Faroe Islands

    9. Bougainville

    Part of Papua New Guinea, apparently it's the most likely future country right now.

    10. Catalonia

    In 2017, they held a referendum and the result was a big yes to become independent, but Spain deemed the referendum illegal.

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