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Create a NotePD or idea list themed meme!

@paolo I am not sure if these are any good. My brain is shutting down :)

    1. At the airport

    At the airport, the last call before departure, a guy was about to board but then decided to miss the plane. He sits at the gate and opens NotePD. A timer shows 5 min, and his streak is 99. A line then appears "Never miss a streak!"

    2. On a date

    Someone on a blind date needs to impress their date. They are not making a first impression and need a comeback. They excused themselves to go to the toilet and opened NotePD. Then they are shown walking, holding hands. NotePD saves the date ;)

    3. During exam

    University students are taking an open book exam. Everyone has a pile of books around them as they answer. A girl walks and submits the paper with a smile. She used no book.

    Her t-shirt says NotePD :)

    4. In the plane

    A granny gets a shout from the cabinet, and flight attendants bring her champagne. She accomplished her 1000th streak :)

    Streak over Mileage! :)

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