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Creating CLARITY? What is it and how do we make it?

For me, clarity is most often found in simplicity. Whenever possible, simplify. By boiling any topic down to its essence you allow all the extra stuff that is clouding your vision to peel away. There is also a distilling allegory here, but there are others who handle their spirits better than I.

Creating CLARITY? What is it and how do we make it?

    1. Figure out exactly what your message is.

    2. Don't explain. Show.

    3. Don't try to impress.

    Clarity impresses all by itself.

    4. Use vocabulary that is easier to understand.

    Whether it is words on a page, graphs on a spreadsheet, or the notes in a musical score, make it accessible.

    5. Brevity can be your friend.

    6. Let your audience find clarity for themselves.

    Don't assume that every nuance and variable needs to be covered in excruciating detail. Your audience will let you know where they are confused or need more information.

    7. Clarity is not simple.

    Simplifying anything down to its most basic components is not easy. It is hard work and often takes multiple steps.

    8. Try eliminating the beginning and the ending.

    This is often where much of the "extra" is hiding.

    9. Clarity is rarely subtle.

    Strong notes, vibrant colors, striking patterns.

    10. Ask yourself "What else could this piece be saying?"

    Only when there is absolutely no other option than the message you intend are you finished.

    11. P.S. I consider the first two entries on this list the most important. They were the LAST two I thought of.

    There may be a lesson in that.

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