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Creative First Dates

    1. For the adventurous: go shoplifting together.

    2. For the competitive: Pick a random business on the street and see who can drive the most passersby into it.

    3. For the strong: find a very heavy object and take turns carrying it a very long distance.

    4. For the chaotic: without using cell phones, take turns approaching random strangers asking for date ideas.

    5. For the gamblers: pull six random dates from the internet and roll the dice for what to do. Make a bet, loser pays.

    6. For the homeless: pool your funds to get a room just to sleep for a few hours.

    7. For the athletic: challenge your date to a race.

    8. For the NotePD'er: collaborate on a ten date ideas list a week in advance. Post it here, and the top voted idea is the date.

    9. For the magicians: at a coffee shop, come up with tricks to do using just the items at the shop. Then take turns performing them on other patrons.

    10. For the nostalgic: make replica blockbuster cards, then design your own VHS box (draw on a blank box), then take an old school camcorder and make a mini movie of your date.

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