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Question Notebook

I had an idea of having a large notebook with questions on each page for customers and/or staff.

I always loved looking through notebooks at restaurants and seeing people's notes/drawings, a higher class of toilet graphity.

If people have questions /prompts then the answers should be more fun. This builds a bond with customers /between staff. This is my list of potential questions /promts.

The books designed to be fun and happy. If you feel these whilst in the company you'll link those feelings to the company. Having happy customers /staff is something all businesses should aim for

If this sounds like something you'd like to see, let me know and I'll make the book.

    1. Zombies!

    Quick! Zombies have just broken into the building. What do you do?

    2. Draw someone in the room now.

    3. How could you make £1 today?

    4. What country would you love to visit?

    What would you do /see there?

    5. What's your perfect first date?

    6. What one thing can we do to make things better?

    7. Share a happy memory

    8. What's the best pizza topping?

    9. Who would play you in the movie of your life?

    10. What's your favourite quote?

    11. What awesome thing have you done?

    12. Share one intresting fact

    13. What movie should everyone watch?

    14. What do you miss from your childhood?

    15. What is love?

    suggested by His in the comments. Thanks

    16. An assassin is tracking you. You have 1 minute before they get here, where do you hide?

    17. Best live band

    18. What's the best advice someone gave you?

    19. How can you make someone smile today?

    20. What is your favourite book?

    21. When sad do you like to be alone or surrounded by friends?

    22. Have you ever had a bad first impression, then changed your mind? What changed your mind?

    23. Do you believe in love at first sight?

    24. What scares you?

    25. What was your favourite childhood toy?

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