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Customer Service Questionnaires

I wrote up this to help people when applying for customer service based jobs. The higher the idea the more important it is. Higher ideas always beat ideas lower than them.

Customer Service Questionnaires

    1. Safety

    Safety comes first. No matter what always look for the safest option.

    2. Customers

    Customers come second. If the area is safe you can now focus on helping customers, finding an item, checking when they're next in stock or directing the towards someone who can help. Remember customers are second, if they need help and it's safe, stop what you're doing and help.

    3. Management

    You'd expect management to be higher, but it's not. If you're told to do something and you spot something that is unsafe or a customer needs help, they come first. If a manager asks you to do something and there's no safety or customer concerns stop what you're doing and do that. Let the managers argue between themselves, your job is to listen to them, not debate their management choices.

    4. Your Job

    As far as importance goes your job is low on the list. So if you don't manage to finish it state reasons above as to why (There was a spillage that needed cleaned (safety), Customers needed help finding an alternative to X (Customers), The other boss asked me to help with Y (Management). As long as these are your reasons you'll be in a good position, even if your job wasn't completed. Saying that, it's your job unless your times been flooded with problems from above you still need to complete the tasks given to you. Remember though - you're being paid to do the minimum amount of work and no less. Get that done. Anything more is slave labour (Work you're not getting paid for) it's up to you if you want to do it, don't be forced into it.

    5. Your life

    You had plans to go out with friends after your shift, but there's a spillage that needs cleaned 5 minutes before check out? Too bad. Your life comes last and safety comes first. Stay behind and get it done. Your job comes higher than your life, so if it's not done and you have no good reasons, get it done. You've booked a flight, but management need you in those days. Too bad. You should have asked before you bought the flight.

    I'm not saying I fully agree with this, but as far as the questionnaire/interview questions goes your life comes last. Answer with this in mind and you'll be fine.

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