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Decluttering steps

In the spirit of decluttering and making life simpler and my brain clearer , I will start getting rid of 5 things per day ( can’t remember which organizing guru that came from but the last time I did it, I did feel lighter and more organized after a week!)
I took 3 boxes to goodwill yesterday to jumpstart myself - the plan is to take at least one thing out of each room daily …so here goes my summer clearing !

    1. Kitchen- will start with the junk drawer and work my way down the drawers …

    2. Living Room - start with the 4 boxes left of the business files we brought home from the warehouse when we sold the business this year

    3. Dining room - more boxes from the showroom …. Then start with the drawers ….

    4. Guest bath Search through the expiration dates of all the supplies, then clear unnecessary things not used in 6 months so the area will be easier to deal with when we remodel it next year :)

    5. Guest bedroom 1 - sort through toys and clothes granddaughter has outgrown then continue to sort and list the clothes in closet on Poshmark

    6. Guest bedroom 2 - clear empty boxes / old Christmas stuff/ separate the supplies for the bathroom remodel , and the art supplies

    7. Office - start with the top of the desk , then the file drawers ( scan &digitize as much as possible) - time to modernize ! Then work on my grad school articles and books / tax files for us / my aunt / my in laws/ the business ….

    8. Master bedroom Bedside tables top To bottom Piles on Doug’s side Dresser top then drawers Then the closet !

    9. Master bath Under both sinks / then cabinet ….then shelves between the sinks This is the easiest lol

    10. Garage - dump the empty boxes but besides that , honestly this will have to wait til the fall - its 100 already & Texas in the summer is too brutal to spend time in there !

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