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Derek Jeter's place on Mt Rushmore?

Popular on Twitter, does Derrek Jeter belong on the Yankees Mt Rushmore of great players? Not even close IMO; Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra would go ahead of Jeter, someone pointed out that Joe DiMaggio is probably ahead of Yogi and there are quite a few others. As part of this convo, someone said "Yankees are the ONLY team that Jeter wouldn’t make the top 4 all time." Sounds like a fun debate to be had.

I am not a big Jeter fan. Definitely a hall of famer but not in the discussion of the truly elite, all time players. The Tweeter was right that many teams do not have four all timers but there's more than just one team. I came up with the following. Agree/disagree?

    1. Red Sox

    David Ortiz'

    Ted Williams

    Carl Yastrzemski

    Roger Clemens or Pedro Martinez

    2. Giants

    Willie Mays

    Mel Ott

    Barry Bonds

    Christy Mathewson

    3. Reds

    Johnny Bench

    Joe Morgan

    Pete Rose

    Frank Robinson

    4. Braves

    Hank Aaron

    Eddie Mathews

    Chipper Jones

    Greg Maddox

    5. Cardinals

    Bob Gibson

    Stan Musial

    Albert Pujols

    Rogers Hornsby

    6. A's

    Rickey Henderson

    Mark Mcguire

    Reggie Jackson

    Lefty Grove

    7. Orioles

    Cal Ripken

    Jim Palmer

    Eddie Murray

    Brooks or Frank Robinson (Frank legitimately could be claimed by two teams)

    8. Cleveland

    Bob Feller

    Tris Speaker

    Jim Thome

    Larry Doby

    9. Phillies

    Mike Schmidt

    Steve Carlton

    Pete Alexander

    Robin Roberts

    10. Rangers

    Ivan Rodriguez

    Adrian Beltre

    Raphael Palmeiro

    Nolan Ryan (only 5 years in TX but they might claim him)

    11. Mariners

    Ken Griffey Jr

    Edgar Matinez

    Ichiro Suzuki

    Randy Johnson

    12. Twins/Senators

    Walter Johnson

    Rod Carew

    Harmon Killebrew

    Kirby Puckett (shorter career than Jeter but had a higher WAR per 162)

    13. Pirates

    Honus Wagner

    Roberto Clemente

    Willie Stargell

    Dave Parker

    This is pretty subjective as Jeter has a much higher WAR than Stargell and Parker.

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