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10 Dichotomies to Embrace in Order to Thrive

Our brains are built to hold contradictory facts. We are sophisticated enough to handle and even embrace contradicting ideas.

We just need to be open :)


    1. Fast and Slow

    Fast and slow thinking are both important. Slow and fast decision-making are both important.

    2. Criticism and Feedback

    We learn from feedback and even more from honest, constructive criticism. Both are to be sought and embraced.

    3. Knowing and not knowing

    You should embrace not knowing. Knowing what you do not know is a weapon. I suggest reading Think Again by Adam Grant.

    4. Exciting & Mundane

    A great mission is exciting, but much of the execution is mundane. You need to tolerate the mundane to enjoy the excitement.

    5. Vulnerability and Confidence

    Your vulnerability would not make you any less confident; on the contrary.

    6. Respect & Disagreement

    You may disagree but politely.

    7. Disagreement & Commitment

    Not entirely a dichotomy. Sometimes, you may disagree with a decision, but if the team decides, you disagree and commit. In fact, this is one of Amazon's leadership principles.

    8. Hands-on and Hand-off

    You can be hands-on, helping the team deliver, and hands-off, delegating and trusting the team to deliver while focusing on making the team perform better.

    9. Introvert & Influencer

    Many billionaires are introverted. You can be an introvert and be the best speaker. You only need to be insanely courageous for some time.

    10. Productivity and laziness

    Being productive and taking time to rest or lazying are important for our growth.

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