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Discovering the garden within. (2 min 10 sec)

    1. Grievances, akin to the flower in your grasp, solely reside within you.

    2. Holding onto grievances bring harm to your own well-being and happiness.

    3. You can cultivate a peaceful internal garden, letting go of grievances and choosing to nurture understanding, compassion, and forgiveness instead.

    4. Picture yourself standing amidst this peaceful garden, holding a delicate flower in your hand.

    5. This flower represents your grievances.

    6. Just as the flower is contained within your hand, grievances are contained within you.

    7. They exist as internal experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

    8. When you communicate with someone on your cell phone, it is like sharing the beauty of this flower with them.

    9. The other person can only hear what you say or the background noise, just as they can only perceive the words you express or the tone of your voice.

    10. They have no awareness of the intricate multitasking happening, such as watching videos, writing, cooking, or even the thoughts you may be having.

    11. Similarly, grievances do not leave their source unless we choose to share them or express them through our actions.

    12. They reside within us, affecting our own emotional well-being and inner state.

    13. Just as the background noise in a phone call may go unnoticed by the other person, the internal turmoil caused by grievances hurts us, disturbing to our peace of mind.

    14. We can choose to share background noise or our thoughts with the other person on the phone or not.

    15. We can also choose to share our grievances with others or not.

    16. When we project our grievances onto others, we're essentially attacking them with bitterness and animosity.

    17. This perpetuates a cycle of negativity and disharmony, leaving wounds that can spread like wildfire.

    18. Let's strive for understanding and healing instead. 💛🌱 #HarmonyOverHate

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