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Don't Get Old!

This past year has taken being old to a new level.

I'm 76, soon 77. Inside, I still think I'm 35. But, NO!

Last July, I lost my "battle buddy" Beagle, Chloe. She was 15. She helped me weather my PTSD. Now, she's gone like all dog stories end.

My Mom died in October 2021 from Covid. She was 96 and had lived a pretty good life. Now my Brother, Sister, and I are orphans. We are also now "the Old Folks" since she was the last of her generation in her family.

My Sister is transitioning to assisted living. I am handling her finances, such as they are. As we salvage what we can from her houses, we are reminded that:

Things Become Stuff. Stuff Becomes Junk.

So many memories now headed to the dumpster.

Our 5-acre farm is just beyond my ability to keep up. I have to hire help to do what I can no longer do. (It's a good thing I have a pile of money)

I have 2 sons, now middle-aged with chidren of their own. My oldest is actually a Grandfather this year... A GRANDFATHER! You know what that makes ME!

This all sounds like a negative boo-hoo, woe is me. But it is not.

I love being me. I love my wife and family. I get to travel and help others succeed in business and life. I love my replacement "battle buddy" dogs. I love our streams of income, some passive and some active.

I love sitting on our deck with a cigar and a glass of bourbon.

And I get to take naps.

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