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Double the Menus, Double the Trouble (1 min 24 sec read)

You have only one function.
Your only function is to love.
Your only function is to let go of grievances, forgive, and love yourself.

    1. You can't eat off two menus.

    You can't be partially into love and partially into letting go of grievances.
    These are conflicting goals as I'm sure you'll agree.
    It's all or nothing.
    Everyone is freed or no one is freed.

    2. There's only one menu that will save you.

    Sometimes you may feel it's okay to choose from the attack menu.
    At other times you feel inspired to choose from the love menu.
    Once you commit to choosing from the only menu that works you'll breathe a sigh of relief.

    3. Your perception of a situation doesn't change what's on the menu.

    You may feel wronged by someone.
    You may feel justified in your attack.
    You may even feel upset because things didn't go your way.
    No matter where you go, what you say, or what you do one thing is certain:
    • These are your grievances and yours alone that you're looking at.
    • This is your fear that stands before you.
    • This is your own guilt that's haunting you.
    The buck stops here.
    One menu.
    One function.
    To love unconditionally and let go of feelings of having been wronged.
    In case you've forgotten, you're only working with your thoughts about the images that you have made.
    Are you really going to let images rule your life?

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