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E-book ideas (writing and self publishing)

Give me some ideas or topic for writing e- books

E- book should be in 50-200 pages

Interesting topicsĀ 

Easy languageĀ 

Reader's can relate

Ideas from all around world

Can be considered as a mini novel

    1. Self-help

    How to be a better parent, spouse, child, employee, entrepreneur. How to be happy. How to find your purpose in life. How to build good relationships. How to succeed at work and as an entrepreneur.etc

    2. Comedy

    A funny story every day for a year (or some other time period). Or 365 joke books in a row. Or funny stories about different professions or lifestyles or historical figures or whatever.

    3. Stories from history

    Every day for a year (or some other time period): A story from history that is not well known but can teach us something about the world today. For instance, the story of why the "10% rule" was created for banks lending money to small businesses during the Great Depression.

    4. Travel

    A funny story from every country in the world (or some other category) that you have visited and what it was like there and what surprised you about that country .

    5. Themes of stories every day for a year or some other time period

    For instance, every day I would write a story about animals or plants or people I know or whatever is happening where I live right now (if I am writing about my life), etc.

    6. Other categories?

    I'm sure there are many more categories I can't think of right now but this will give me an idea of how many topics there are out there for ebooks to write on and sell on Amazon and other places.

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