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I'm trying to get access to my XRP account, which seems to be locked per the litigation, etc. Coinbase is where I first bought it. Now it's missing despite blockchain custody readout I received. It doesn't appear to be stolen.

    1. I bought XRP in December

    I bought 1,000 XRP for $1.25. It was about a month after I started using Coinbase to buy cryptos and I wanted to diversify my portfolio.

    2. Then I sold it for $3

    I sold 0.5 of my XRP on February 28th for $3.00 (the price had gone up).

    3. Now it's missing from my account

    It's not in "My Transactions" or "History". It doesn't appear to have been transferred out of Coinbase, so why is it missing? In fact, there are no transactions in any category since the 28th when I sold the half of my XRP holdings that I owned.

    4. Blockchain says they have it but Coinbase says they don't?

    In response to an email inquiry to Coinbase support, they say: "We reviewed your account and unfortunately we were unable to locate this transaction."

    5. Why would they say that if Blockchain has it?

    This seems like a bizarre situation where one company says the other company has something but the other company says they don't have it. And yet the blockchain shows that Coinbase has possession of the tokens. So what happened between 28 February and now?

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