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Easy exercise routine while traveling

Ever since I was young I have always been a hiker, biker, canoer, road tripper, camper, flyer. In other words, a traveler. Most people who travel a lot have their own little travel hacks that helps keep them sane. For me, I try to always bring a deck of cards with me. Or that is the first thing I look for when I'm on the road. (You end up with both some cool decks and some weird, touristy decks that way). Cards can keep you entertained, healthy, and educated in numerous ways. This is an example of a full body work out using nothing but a deck of cards and a little space. Each suit represents a different exercise and the value is the number of reps. Face cards are 10. Aces are 15. Shuffle the deck, And then turn cards over one at a time and complete the exercise and repetitions indicated. Go until you complete the deck, run out of time, or you are too tired to perform the exercise correctly.
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    1. Hearts = Jumping Jacks

    Heart for cardio.

    2. Spades = push ups

    Spades traditionally represent death and push ups are the death of me

    3. Diamonds = Sit ups

    Diamonds make most everybody sit up and take notice.

    4. Clubs = squats or standing alternate toe touches

    We've all felt "clubbed" or beaten down at some point.

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