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Eff The Ineffable Masterclass

Ineffable - too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words. God is the only one that holds this distinction for me. What about you?

Here's the answer to all of your prayers.

There can only be one thing missing in your life.

You do the world - the world doesn't do you.

Your world is a combination of your life energy and the degree of your present moment awareness.

You are not on a journey of form but one of content.

    1. Core principles of spiritual traditions.

    You frown upon religion and many of its teachings I understand.

    Co-mingling of religious beliefs is a recent phenomenon.

    Comparative religion didn't use to be a thing.

    It used to be the religion you were born into was the religion you were married to for the duration of your life.

    Not only did you not have a choice you didn't even know that other religious beliefs existed.

    Most religions of old were passed down orally/word of mouth.

    The Game of Telephone serves as a good reminder of just how quickly messages can become distorted.

    2. One purpose. It's your call.

    Do you tend to look for similarities or differences when comparing religions?

    I like what Rumi said:

    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    the world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
    doesn’t make any sense.

    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    the world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
    doesn’t make any sense."

    All valid religions have one goal in mind:

    "The Induction in the practitioner's transcendent state"

    To induce a transcendent state.

    To transcend the mind.

    To go beyond the physical.

    To go beyond the intellectual mind.

    To get beyond the ego.

    Learn how to be in the world but not of the world. Big distinction here - pay close attention.

    In this way, you get to experience the true meaning of what it means to be alive, joyful, loving, and peaceful.

    You can't experience any of the above when you're mired down every waking moment in your ego-mind.

    Here are a few other ways to conceptualize what is meant by transcendence:

    Exceeding usual limits: surpassing.

    Extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience.

    Being beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge.

    3. Three types of transcendence.

    Three kinds of transcendence.

    1) Ego transcendence (self: beyond ego)

    2) Self-transcendence (beyond the self: the other)

    3) Spiritual transcendence (beyond space and time)

    4. Religions are more alike that you think.

    1. Ethics

    Ethics is not the same as morality.

    Morality- these are principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

    Ethics is the recognition that being kind, compassionate, loving, caring, etc. allows life to be better for you. It's not about judging your behavior as being right/wrong, good/bad. You feel better when you act in an ethical manner.

    Your focus remains on what feels good, not on judgment of yourself or others.

    2. Attentional Training - Feeling sad? You forgot the rules on how to play the game.

    The world never sleeps and neither does the monkey mind.

    Your mind jumps from thought to thought as a monkey jumps from tree to tree.

    Your mind is as wild as a pet in the park.

    You need a practice that allows you to practice reigning in the mind and focusing on what you decide you want to focus on.

    Most of what you focus on is someone else's agenda, not your own.

    3. Wisdom - we're a bunch of clowns making you think

    Knowledge is not the same as wisdom.

    Knowledge is gained through the studying of new information. Many of you have rich storage of information but little knowledge.

    Wisdom has to do with insight, understanding, and accepting what is.

    Wisdom is the application of knowledge and the discernment that comes from perspective.

    4. Transformation of emotion

    Unfortunately, a lot of people's emotional responses to external stimuli are reptilian-like.

    Their behaviors are mostly associated with self-preservation.

    Most people's behavior is associated more with the part of the brain that's primitive, nonrational, and self-interested.

    Emotions such as fear, anger, hate, etc. are lower levels of emotions, highly volatile, and dangerous.

    The goal of every valid religion is to get you to act from higher emotional states such as love, peace, and harmony.

    5. The four basic paths.

    1. Love - experience the ineffable.

    2. Service - getting your life's work out of your head, and onto the canvas of life.

    3. Intellect - that which pops your mind wide open. It's what you use to think abstractly.

    4. Meditation - deliberate practice of quietening the mind.

    Focusing on each path is crucial. Having a spiritual practice that interweaves all four paths are ideal.

    This is the way for you to induce a transcendent state. It's not the only way but it's the most direct path.

    This is the fast track to everything you think that you want.

    6. Only two roads - because the world is complicated enough.

    You can either focus on life or form.

    You can make your decisions based on love or fear.

    You can move through life being a slave to your ego or listen to the voice of God/Love.


    7. You tried to usurp God. (look at the mess you made)

    You can either focus on life or form.

    You can make your decisions based on love or fear.

    You can make decisions with your ego or the Holy Spirit.

    You're either a slave to worldly desires or a servant to what is beyond this world.

    You can't co-mingle two different worlds.

    I don't try to usurp the place of God!

    Oh, Really?

    Are you not trying to be in charge?

    Are you not trying to be right?

    Are you not trying to correct everybody?

    Are you not trying to impose your worldview as THE worldview?

    It sure sounds like you're trying to play God to me.

    You reign as kings/queens when it comes to the use of superlatives and hyperbole.

    I'm the best, greatest, boss, kindest, biggest, largest, wealthiest, the life of the party, shot-caller, and boss,

    just to name a few. All are exaggerated claims.

    You believe you exist as a body that is nothing more than a self-imagination.

    God says that you are infinite with no beginning and no end.

    You renounce the truth and insist that you are a body with a birthdate and date of departure which you call death.

    I understand the confusion because that's what bodies do - they are born and will eventually die.

    What you are is beyond the body. You are beyond form.

    The world of materiality (where you think that you are) comes to pass because you decided to be like Lucifer, the falling angel.

    You decided to go out on your own (it's not possible but you don't know that yet) and create a world of time and space. A world of separation.

    You made up an ego - Edged God Out

    You feel extremely connected to your body which at best is nothing more than a communication device like a telephone that transfers signals between two poles.

    You've taken the place of God so totally, all that's left is the story of you. And what a mess you made.

    No blaming. Mistakes are made for correction, not punishment.

    The world you made and its inhabitants frighten you.

    The pursuit of more appears to be the answer but soon you'll discover that's empty and hollow too.

    Where's God? You're him, aren't you? He stands behind your exaggerated sense of self -the ego. Where is God not?

    Who is God? How can you describe the ineffable?

    Does God exist? Without the existence of God, there is no you but it's not the God you made in your own image - punitive, jealous, and controlling. You silly rabbit.

    You spend your entire life clawing and searching in the world for the things you want and need but what you don't see is that you already have the best of everything.

    You're a master as it pertains to the use of superlatives and hyperbole:

    I'm the best, the boss, the happiest, the most peaceful, the kindest, the wealthiest, most athletic, the life of the party, the shot caller, to name a few.

    All of which are exaggerated claims and crowns that you can never wear authentically.,

    God is everywhere but you don't see him because you've put yourself in the place of God.

    By definition, you are the devil. The devil is one who tries to take the place of God.

    You've mistaken God so much all there is left - You. You killed God

    What you say about God is what's true about you. God doesn't exist. You don't exist.

    Would you not agree that your plan to try and usurp God is absurd, evil, devilry, being full of yourself and pure ego?

    Your ideas about God have no contribution to what is true. God doesn't require any external validation.

    You're like the Cuckoo bird, full of self-deception

    The Cuckoo bird locates a Reed Warbler's nest and get's in there and places its own eggs among the other eggs.

    The Reed Warbler doesn't notice the switch.

    The Cuckoo chick hatches before the other eggs and precedes to kick all the other eggs out of the nest and pretends to be the only surviving bird.

    The Cuckoo chick tricks the adult Reed Warblers into believing it's the only survivor of the brood.

    The Reed Warbler won't be able to feed all of its nestlings if the Cuckoo chick doesn't eject the rest of the brood.

    Notice how the ecosystem worked beautifully until the Cuckoo bird came along.

    The bright red beak of the Cuckoo bird is always open - gimme, gimme, gimme - I want more. Sound familiar?

    The Cuckoo bird has an insatiable appetite just like most egos.

    "It's so large that when it sits up it must hold on tight so that it doesn't slip off" - Sounds like an exaggerated ego to me.

    Like the Reed Warbler that continues to feed the Cuckoo bird as if it were one of its own, God has not left your side even though you've fallen asleep.

    8. The hallmark of the Truth.

    Truth - You were made whole and complete.

    Truth - You still are whole and complete. Nothing has changed.

    Truth - Regardless of what you manage to acquire in the world you will always feel like something is missing.

    Do you really believe that a force that is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent would have forgotten to include anything you needed?

    There's absolutely nothing you can do to improve on what God created but I know such awareness won't stop most of you from trying.

    You have all these concepts to attempt to explain where you came from because you believe you exist and refuse to admit (al least not yet) that you're a concept - a belief - an imagination.

    You believe all that you see

    9. Attributes of God

    One of the masterful tricks of the ego-mind is that all the attributes of the Creator it can comprehend it tries to relegate for itself.

    It's masterful in distracting you and keeping you in a hallucinated state of mind.

    Paparazzi is one of many examples. These photographers take pictures of high-profile people; such as actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, and other celebrities, What arrogance.

    You have all these concepts to try and explain where you came from because you believe you exist as a body and do not realize you're a concept - a belief - an imagination.

    You believe that all of what you see is coming from inside your brain. It's the reason you feel so connected with your body which is like a telephone pole, more than anything else - a communication device.

    Look at me. Look at what I've created. The world is mine.

    The cosmic joke is on you. Did you forget to laugh at your folly?

    There's no blaming here - that would be like trying to make the unreal - real and that would be impossible.

    You're innocent - always - but you may not realize your innocence at this very moment.

    10. Two hacks to experiencing a transcendent self.

    A hack helps you cut through the rough or heavy blows of life.

    Hack #1 - Make it your mission to let go of any grievances that you have. This will be the most challenging journey of your entire life but it's the most rewarding one too.

    Hack #2 - Superimpose your face on the person you have a grievance with. It becomes a different story when the bear has the gun.

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