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Ego - A Split Mind - 7 effective tactics used by the ego

We're all in the Universal Mind watching what we believe are split off parts of ourselves.

The ego can only survive in what appears to be a split mind.

The ego uses strong tactics to keep the world running around like they're at a circus.

We wake up each day and we do a little of this and a little of that but to what end?

The ego never misses an opportunity to use at least one or more of these tactics that keep the world in a perpetual tailspin.

    1. Fear

    You fear everything.

    You fear dying. You fear living.

    You fear your neighbor.

    You fear not being able to earn enough money. You fear losing the money that you've accumulated.

    You fear that you've somehow disappointed God.

    You fear the thoughts in your head.

    You fear your behavior and what you might do or say to the person standing next to you.

    Fear is seen as being stronger than Love.

    2. Envy

    The green-eyed monster that eats you up comes from the inside. Green with envy.

    Under the ego's thought system you believe envy is superior to adulation, respect, and admiration.

    You desperately long for the possessions of others and the lifestyle they appear to have.

    3. Distrust

    You don't trust people as far as you can through them, right?

    Distrust is seen as being stronger than trust.

    You're a victim. Look at what she did to you.

    Your ego is deeply-rooted in distrust.

    4. Guilt

    You believe yourself to be a bad person.

    You believe you have committed a sin.

    You believe you deserve to be punished.

    You believe that guilt is stronger than innocence.

    The attributes of the ego have been projected onto God.

    5. Separation

    Separation is seen as being stronger than joining.

    You see yourself as being separate from people in the world.

    You see yourself separate from God as evidenced by your arrogance.

    Egos can only appear to thrive in a separated state.

    You create these imaginary battles between:

    The old and the young

    The pretty and the ugly

    The rich and the poor

    Skin color






    Your ego uses everything at its disposal to pit you against your brother that einforces the illusion of separation.

    6. Sin

    You believe that you are doomed to eternal damnation.

    Sinful is seen as being stronger than being Sinless.

    You believe that you can create something that's real, unlike God.

    You believe that God can create unlike himself.

    7. Shame

    Shame is seen as greater than honor or praise.

    You feel unworthy, not good enough, and a total failure.

    Your ego is the unloving part of your Mind that cannot offer more than suffering - now or not now.

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