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Collin Harness


Embracing Orthogonality

How I go against the crowd

    1. Ignore politics

    I do vote. But I do not listen or engage in any type of politics. I cannot

    2. Saving/Investing

    I think I save/invest way more than the average person. Sometimes probably to my detriment - foregoing experiences in order to invest more.

    3. Experiment

    I have had many different careers. Because I am someone that does not intrinsically know my 'passion'. I am still searching for my passion. Or may passion has changed.

    But I do think I am finding my circle of competence as I am getting older. I know things that I am slightly better at and things that I am not at all good at.

    As I age, I will still change jobs, change companies, change my thought patterns.

    Don't label yourself

    4. Writing/Reading

    I think the majority of people do not write or read for pleasure.

    I like doing both and trying to improve myself.

    5. Travel - Change

    Too many people get stuck in their own thought patterns. In their own communities. In their own neighborhoods.

    Traveling opens up your mind to how other people live their lives. Different places you could possibly exist.

    6. Think like a business

    What pain points need to be solved?
    What actions could be done and systemized to make money?
    What things do businesses do that I should do in my life?

    7. Embrace tech

    Most people hate Facebook, Robinhood, Twitter.

    Facebook is creating this huge divide in America. Not true.

    The United States went to war with itself more than a century before Facebook, because people disagreed. There was also a term called 'Yellow Journalism' = 'Fake News' today.

    I embrace technology. Tech can solve a lot of bad problems we have. I think tech has been a net positive for society rather than negative.

    8. I am an introvert

    I do not like arguments. I internalize my emotions. Being around lots of people drains me.

    Being an extrovert is not always a good thing. They often have a hard time sitting by themselves with their thoughts. You do not always need to be talking.

    9. 10 hours of sleep

    I am not someone that operates on 5 hours of sleep. If I do not get enough sleep I get vampire eyes, dark circles.

    I love sleep and could easily sleep 10 hours a night. If I do not get enough sleep I am tired for the rest of the day and it is hard to focus on anything.

    10. Nothing is personal

    This is an idea that I have been working on for a long time.

    People take everything personally. When someone disagrees with them or insults them or ignores them, they take it as a personal insult.

    Nothing is personal.

    Most people are stuck in their world. They do not have time to think about you.

    Even if they call you names and yell at you, it is not personal. They are scared. They do not have the tools to talk to you in a calm fashion. They have extra energy that they need to burn off.

    Do not take anything personally.

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