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Emotional improvements for 2023

    1. Cut out negative people

    Complainers. Naysayers. 

    Pulling you back down into the crab pot. 🦀 

    2. Feed to positive

    You don't water the weeds!

    3. Look up

    Get outside, feel the sun, look up at the sky, and feel your emotional outlook go up as well. 

    4. Watch out for depressants

    That could be booze, pot, or your favorite football team. If you feel depressed the next day, kick it to the curb. 

    5. Level up your tribe

    By adding people who make you happy, make you smart, and make you comfortable 

    6. Sleep

    Bad sleep or lack of sleep pulls everything off the rails. Focus on routine and emphasize getting quality Z's

    7. leverage art

    Comedy shows, concerts, whatever it is for you, use art to push yourself into different emotional states. Now sit with that. Feel it. 

    Do it free if influence. No drugs. Took me 25 years to feel a live concert in my own skin. 

    8. Create and share

    Make things, put real work in, emotional labor, and release it to the world. 

    9. Cut the BS

    Be straight with yourself and others and feel that burden fall away. What secrets are you holding and why? Let it go. 

    10. Review

    Look back and what you are doing and how it feels in retrospect. Adjust. 

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