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Everything is in a State of Decay. (1 min 44 sec)

The above image of an above-ground pool undoubtedly brought joy and entertainment to a family's life. However, with the husband deceased and the children moved away, what was once a focal point of family enjoyment has now transformed into an eyesore and a source of inconvenience. The cost of dismantling and removing it outweighs its initial installation expenses.

    1. All things in the physical world are transient and susceptible to decay and alteration.

    2. The potential for AI to result in a substantial rise in unemployment by the end of 2023 is a concern to many.

    3. Startups emerge and fade away as part of the natural cycle.

    4. Relationships that once brought immense delight and pleasure deteriorate to the point where the individuals involved can no longer stand each other.

    5. Bodies that were once sculpted like Greek gods eventually succumb to the effects of age, becoming weary, frail, and feeble.

    6. Does the reality you perceive reflect true reality, or does authentic reality exist beyond the temporal world in the eternal realm of spirit?

    7. The decay you witness serves as a constant reminder of the impermanence and illusory nature of the physical world.

    8. If you place your faith solely in the world, it is not surprising that fear dominates your experience.

    9. This raises the question of whether it would be more beneficial for you to seek a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature and embrace the unchanging love and truth that resides within.

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