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Everything Leads To Something: Ten Routines & Some New Things

    1. Journaling

    Not journaling can cause a buildup, like plaque. You don't notice it until you see a bit of blood when brushing. I'm simply not as "clean" in my psyche nor in my ability to handle stress when I go on long bouts without journaling.

    2. Morning Routine

    Like waking up as soon as the alarm goes off, sticking to some type of morning routine just makes the days better.

    3. Exercise

    Today was my second day back lifting my beloved kettlebells. While my legs (like right now) ache, I feel exhausted and energized again. Something only a heavy bout of breathing can do.

    4. Audio Books

    I've started listening to audiobooks on 1.6x speed. While at first, it's annoying. I noticed today I don't forget as much from where I left off, I don't stop to take notes ( @Mysteries ;), and I seem to retain more. I haven't tried this with back-to-back books, we'll see how this goes long-term.

    5. Mindfulness

    Working from home and having the kids home all day. . .can lead to abrupt yelling sometimes. The practice of reminding myself to not yell has bled over to retaining my thoughts while someone else is talking. A nice surprise, still 3 out of 5. More work to be done here.

    6. Prayer

    While I'm not religious, in a traditional (almost any) sense. I heard somewhere the act of praying, giving yourself over to a "higher power", does/can lead to a sense of fulfillment.

    7. Sticking to Time Slots

    I dread this most of all. I truly love a random day, while it does not help with achieving a goal, I've begun sticking to time slots for most things, and of course, more things get done!!!

    8. Writing The Opening

    I've started writing the beginnings of each book idea that comes to mind each day. I figure something will come of this, usually 300 -800 words at most. And similar to writing ideas every day -- I get more ideas! No congruency, yet.

    9. Tidying Up Daily

    I'm a weekender cleaner, typically. It is astounding how much less dog hair I have vacuuming a bit each day.

    Ps. He's gotten some ticks from our romps in the woods, nasty buggers.

    10. Physical Acts Paired To A Habit (rubbing your ear etc.)

    I'm not certain it does anything, however, I've just started this. The science is there so I shall have faith, my brethren, we are odd creatures!

    11. Good Night.

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