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Fact and Idea have a conversation. (2 min 15 sec)


    1. Fact: "There is only fact, and an idea is not a fact."

    There is a distinction between what is objectively true and verifiable (fact) and subjective concepts and thoughts (idea). An idea does not possess the level of certainty and evidence as a fact.

    2. Fact: "Fact is 'what is.'"

    Fact is the embodiment of objective reality, representing the actual state of affairs or truth. Facts correspond to real-world observations or verifiable information.

    3. Idea: "But I exist, I am real."

    Idea claims its own existence and reality, suggesting that it (idea) has a subjective presence in the mind or imagination of people. It asserts that ideas have some level of validity.

    4. Fact: "You exist only as an idea, but that is not a fact."

    Fact reiterates its earlier point, while you (idea) have a perceived existence within the realm of thoughts and concepts, you lack the same objective nature as facts. Your ideas do not possess the same level of certainty or evidence as a fact and therefore you as an idea are highly unreliable.

    5. "You (idea) do not know how to transcend 'what is,' so you invent ideas."

    Your ideas are a product of human imagination and creativity and are invented as a means to go beyond the boundaries of objective reality. Your ideas are constructed to explore possibilities beyond what currently exists but are not facts.

    6. Fact: "Your ideas and your inventions become blocks to what you truly are, to what is."

    Ideas obstruct a true understanding of reality or "what is." Excessive reliance on ideas creates a barrier to perceiving and experiencing the objective truth.

    7. Idea: "Oh, that's why ideas are a dime a dozen. I'm very common, easily obtained, and not very unique or reliable."

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