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Family Dinner Conversation Starters

Sitting together for meals as a family has been linked to increased happiness, resilience, and attachment for all family members. The first 4 questions are ones my family has used at the dinner table with some regularity, but I figured I could expand this into an Idea List

    1. How Did You Feel Loved Today?

    2. What's Something You're Grateful For?

    3. What's a Mistake You Made Today?

    This should focus on what you'd do differently now that you know and what you learned from it, rather than any shame.

    4. How Did You Help Someone Today?

    5. Alternate to #3: What's Something That Went Really Well Today?

    If someone can't come up with a mistake, they should describe an outright victory - think more home run than hitting a single, it shouldn't just be something that was "OK" or "fine".

    6. What Is Something New You Experienced?

    7. What Was The Funniest Thing That Happened To You Today?

    8. What Was Something You Could Have Used Help With?

    9. My Favourite Part of the Day Was...

    10. What Are My Hopes for Tomorrow?

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