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Find a way to go for free

H/T @easymoneyme

Let's see how many different ways we can come up with to go to college for free or nearly so.

    1. GI Bill

    2. Audit classes

    Many institutions will let you audit a set number of classes per semester for free. You won't get credit or have them appear on your transcript but you will gain all the other benefits of that class, including lab time for some sciences.

    3. Work for the school

    Many colleges and institutions allow employees to take classes for free or absurdly cheap.

    4. Check with your boss

    Many employers have various forms of tuition assistance available.

    5. Get a Grant

    This is a tough one but there are grants available for almost every person for almost any reason. Successfully identifying and applying for them is the real trick. That why people who specialize as grant writers and financial aid exist

    6. Earn a scholarship

    See Above.

    7. Seek fellowship

    These are similar to scholarships but are usually supplied by non-profit organizations to either members or eligible members of the community. A friend of mine graduated from Cornell University and a good portion of his course work was covered by a series of fellowships from his church. Many. many hours of community service and worship were all that was asked in return.

    8. Help a friend

    When my spouse went back to grad school through an online program, I attended every class with her, helped her study, and was a willing partner in assigned projects. No degree for me, but I learned a lot.

    9. Maybe you already did it.

    More and more colleges are recognizing adult learners and the life experiences they have. You may be surprised that combined with advanced placement classes you took in high school, the couple semesters you hung out at community college, and the past decade you spent managing increasingly complex businesses that you already have, or nearly have the credits necessary to complete a degree.

    10. Teach overseas

    Similiar to #3 above, but with even more perks. Many overseas schools seek English speaking teachers who are willing to travel and teach in the developing world. While often times these are primary or secondary schools, positions at colleges exist as well. Or perhaps the secondary school has an arrangement with a local institution of higher learning.

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