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Fire Becomes A Great Teacher Once You've Been Burned By It

Fire Becomes A Great Teacher Once You've Been Burned By It

    1. Pain leaves you once it's done teaching you.

    This is earth school and you learn your lessons through pain.

    You don't always need the pain to learn your lessons but pain is a very good teacher.

    Sometimes the pain you feel is immediate and at other times the pain may lie dormant for years.

    2. Why do the lessons you learn have to be coupled with pain?

    No one who feels comfortable feels the need to change.

    When you have everything the world tells you that you need to be happy the last thing on your mind is change.

    Mike Tyson once said, "the best years of my life were the three years I spent in prison."

    If you don't have peace of mind but all the material possessions, you have nothing.

    3. Pain pushes you inward.

    Pain takes you where most people fear to go - inside.

    Pain helps you remember who you really are and what's really important - love.

    4. Is what I say to you true?

    I can tell you the fire is hot and you may be left guessing, is he telling me the truth?

    But if you doubt what I say and your hand touches a hot stove you've just had a personal experience that will teach you a lesson.

    You'll most likely want to withdraw your hand very quickly from the hot stove.

    That hot stove becomes a great teacher once you've been burned by it.

    5. Pain has superpowers.

    If you ignore the pain, it will remain and become even stronger.

    If you accept the lesson that pain has to offer you, it disappears. It has no reason to stick around any longer.

    You're never too asleep to know the difference between what hurts and what doesn't

    You're never too asleep to recognize what feels good and what hurts.

    Are you in pain now?

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