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First Full Day On Threads

    1. I signed up in case Twitter just ups and disappears one day soon

    Disappearing with no notice seems very possible to me. It is difficult to think Twitter has any type of cogent strategy.

    2. Feed can be confusing

    Sometimes when you scroll, it's accounts you follow. At other times it is suggested content or something like that. For now there is no way to just see the people you follow.

    3. Desktop

    It's not available yet for desktop. A desktop version would be better for my work. I think for my computer to get in app form it would have to be in the Microsoft Store but it isn't there yet. There is a website but for now it is only a QR code to open up whatever you use to get apps on your phone or tablet.

    4. My first spam follower

    For now, I am following people back. I will curate my followers later. One person, followed me and liked a few of my threads, she commented on one which I gave a like. Next thing was "I messaged you on Instagram."


    5. Muted Kevin O'Leary right away

    The emptiest suit there is.

    6. A lot of my Twitter follows are already on there

    This is accounts I follow, this is very important for my work.

    7. Are we really rooting for Zuck?

    Maybe but it is still Facebook, still listening to what we say; remember if it is free then we are the product.

    8. They still need to figure stuff out

    There are no hashtags yet and no messaging for starters in addition to what I said about interacting with your feed. If Meta is making a big bet on this then it seems likely it will get better, I certainly hope so.

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