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Five reasons why we are afraid to fail

If we learn so much from failure, why do we have such an aversion to it?

    1. We are taught from an early age not to fail.

    Educations grading scale includes an F for failure at the bottom. It is to be avoided at all costs. Failing is built in to our thinking as bad. 

    2. “Failure is not an option”

    Ever seen that saying? Sounds good. I guess it inspires some people to keep going. But some things can't be overcome by sheer effort. I feel like if I failed, I just did not try hard enough. Rather than trying to understand why I failed. Was it a mismatch with my skills or a bad idea ir something else?

    3. We celebrate success (even worship it)

    We worship peak performers and idolize prodigies.

    4. Kids are not allowed to fail.

    When you fail a test you are a failure. It matters not how much effort you put in or how much progress you made. Or that you struggle. If you fail there is something wrong. Or you just need to try harder. 

    5. We don’t know how to deal with failure.

    We ALL fail at some point. And we can respond in many different ways. We get discouraged. Or depressed. Or muddle through confusion. Or get back up and try harder. Sometimes we just don't know how to process failure. But we know it is painful. So we avoid it. Maybe if we accept that failure happens, and know what to do when it happens, we will have more self confidence. 

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