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Forgiveness in the Game of Life: A Baseball Metaphor (4 min 51)

"At bat" is a baseball term used to describe a player's turn at trying to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher. 
During an "at-bat," the player stands in the batter's box and attempts to hit the ball into play while the opposing team tries to prevent the player from scoring.
We want as many "at bats" as possible, providing us with opportunities to practice forgiveness and letting go of grievances. By doing so, we can unveil the Love that is always present.

Forgiveness in the Game of Life: A Baseball Metaphor (4 min 51)

    1. Batter's Box:

    The batter's box represents our perceived "personal little worlds" or the individual realities we create. It's our unique perspective and experiences we ask life to call forth so that we can begin to heal our unconscious guilt, fear, and belief in separation.

    2. Opposing Players

    The opposing players are disguised versions of ourselves, representing the shadow-self or the parts of ourselves that we tend to deny or avoid looking at. Forgiveness invites us to understand what we believe happened, never did.

    3. In to Play:

    "In to play" is Life itself, the field on which the game is played. Life's Presence serves as the context in which forgiveness takes place, offering countless opportunities forgive. "In to play" does not give rise to a past or a future.

    4. At Bats:

    At Bats are the number of opportunities we have to practice forgiveness and let go of grievances, learning to shift our consciousness and change our perceptions.

    5. Bat (Shift in Perception):

    The bat is not a physical object that we swing but rather represents our willingness to shift our consciousness, leading to a change in perception and a release of grievances.

    6. Ball (Perceived Attacks and Defenses):

    The balls thrown by the pitcher are our perceived attacks and defenses that trigger our desire to defend ourselves or retaliate when we feel wronged.

    7. Bunt (Showing Willingness):

    Bunting is a strategic move that shows a little willingness. Similarly, in forgiveness, showing a little willingness allows us to take small steps towards letting go of grievances.

    8. Walk (Grace of God):

    A walk is God's Grace, which allows us to move forward without swinging, receiving the gift of forgiveness and extending it to others.

    9. Strikeout (Call for Love):

    A strikeout is a full-blown "call for love", recognizing the futility of holding onto grievances and inviting us to choose forgiveness and love instead.

    10. Pitcher (Providing the Needed Pitch):

    The pitcher always throws us the pitch we need, not necessarily the one we've been waiting for. Similarly, life presents us with the experiences and opportunities we need to help wake us up.

    11. Single (A Little Taste):

    A single is a taste of what it feels like to forgive. In forgiveness, it signifies having a glimpse of what it's like to be a champion of love but not yet fully sustaining it. Developing a consistent spiritual practice and listening to our Inner Voice can help nurture and sustain this experience.

    12. Double (Elevating Spiritual Practice):

    A double is having a lot less blowups and developing a spiritual practice. While having a spiritual foundation, there are still moments where the ego's influence lingers. It's a reminder to trust the spiritual teachings and further align our minds with love and oneness.

    13. Triple (Many Lifetimes):

    A triple has had many lifetimes. Being 80% immersed in spiritual matters, you understand what is true and what is not true. You are becoming more comfortable in conversation with your Inner Teacher.

    14. Home Run (Holy Instant):

    A home runner has experienced a Love that us humans yearn for, the Holy Instant. Nothing in the world holds significance except for extending love. Detached from worldly pursuits, you listen to your Inner Voice daily, recognizing its guidance as the Source that Loves unconditionally.

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