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Forgiveness is our release

Releasing is removing fear.
Fear is the opposite of love.
Once fear is removed all the illusions leave with it.

    1. What forgiveness is not.

    Forgiveness is not about pardoning.
    Forgiveness is an all-or-nothing proposition.
    Partial forgiveness is a fantasy.
    This isn't forgiveness, "If I believe you did something to me and I'm going to take the high road and forgive you for what you have done.
    Forgiveness is not being sanctimonious.

    2. Love never forgives because it never condemns.

    Condemnation is a prerequisite for forgiveness to be a necessity.
    Those who forgive are releasing themselves.
    We condemn ourselves and project this condemnation onto others.

    3. You are love and love is all around you.

    The Self that you truly are doesn't need forgiveness.
    However, what you believe to be true about yourself that just isn't so is what needs forgiveness.
    Truth Bomb: You don't get a vote on what you were created to be but you aren't restricted on how you choose to see yourself.

    4. Lack of love.

    It is the lack of love that puts us in the position of needing to release our erroneous ideas.
    Once the obstacles to love are removed through the act of releasing/forgiving we are once again returned to love.

    5. Who have you not forgiven?

    You won't have to search far and wide to find suitable subjects for this exercise.
    It doesn't matter what you believe they have done to you.
    Either you have released them entirely or not at all.
    Either you have released yourself entirely or not at all.
    You will immediately know if you have forgiven someone by how you feel.
    What you do not like in someone else is what you fear is true about you. You may be unaware of this fact but this doesn't make it any less true.
    Deciding to see the person I feel wronged me differently, not only releases them but also releases me too.
    God is the love in which I release you. No effort on our part is required.
    It's the love that releases not you.
    Love is all there is and all there could ever be although hidden from most of the world's awareness.
    Final thought: For me or you to be guilty would mean God must be guilty too. And we all know that's simply impossible.

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