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"Freedom Is The Only Thing That Matters"

I'm catching up on the show Vikings. I'm on the 2nd to last episode. The acting King, Eric tells slave Orlyg he will be freed if he kills Queen Ingrid. Orlyg and his wife Nissa then discuss it and she says "I want my freedom, it's the only thing that matters."

A path to modern freedom.

    1. Set your own schedule

    Pay your dues when you're younger sure, don't shy away from that but coming to own your time is probably the most important form of freedom there is.

    2. Financial flexibility to cover one-off expenses

    All those articles about people not being able to cover emergencies. I just had to replace the leaf springs on my Tundra. It was $800. These things happen. Living below your means until you can put some money aside, better to always live below your means but still, so that things like car repairs are merely nuisances and not calamities.

    3. Physically fit enough to do what you want/need

    An example of what you might want to do might be being able to play with your grandchildren, whatever it is they want to do. An example of what you might need to do might be being able to do the basic clean up after some sort of storm where maybe trees need to be cut and the rounds moved out of the way.

    4. Don't care what others think

    There are very few people who's opinion matters.

    5. Be genuinely happy for others when they succeed

    When I see someone who appears to be more successful I assume they are either smarter, work harder, are luckier or some combination of the three. Not having any envy is emotionally freeing.

    6. Stoicism

    Adding this one to the list:

    Train yourself to not worry about things beyond your control. This might take a while and there's no such thing as infallibility but this is a vital skill.

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