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Freeing Yourself from Self-Created Illusions (2 min 10 sec)

Freeing Yourself from Self-Created Illusions (2 min 10 sec)

    1. Me: "You’re at war with an image."

    2. Me: "You’re at war with 'make believe.'"

    3. Me: 'I’ll prove it, not that truth needs any help from me.'

    4. Me: “Where’s your father?"

    You: "He's in Sandusky."

    5. Me: "Do you know that for sure?”

    You:  "No, I don't know that for certain."

    6. Me: "Would it be fair to say that your father in Sandusky is nothing more than a made-up image in your mind?

    You: "Yes, I guess so because he's not here with me and I haven't seen him in some time now."

    7. Me: "Even if your father were standing before you right now looking at you eyeball to eyeball is that your father or merely an image in your mind?"

    "The father that you’re at war or at peace with, all happens in you and not in your father. Would you agree?"
    You: "Yes. The image I have of my father are all concocted by me. I overlay this image with my own beliefs and opinions and I cannot objectively know if they are true are not."

    8. Me: 'For all we know your father could be having a backyard barbecue in Texas, grilling some good food, throwing a frisbee, and enjoying quality time with his new spouse."

    9. Me: "All the while you torture yourself with images of a dead beat dad or whatever the story of today about your father happens to be."

    10. Me: 'You’re unwilling to let go of an already gone past and you have an obsession with image-making, especially about your father.'

    11. Me: "The same thing is true if we are talking about your mother, brother, sister, child, pet, or any other human on planet Earth."

    12. Me: "Yet this phenomenon goes unnoticed by the majority of the population at large."

    You: "So all of these years what I've been blaming my father for doing to me, in reality, I was doing it to myself."
    Me: "Precisely."

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