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Full Moon Gratitude List

During the full moon I like to look back over the last month and list things I'm grateful for, as well as things to let go of during this next moon let go of (which I'll do in another list). Then on the New Moons I like to list intentions. October's full moon was in Aries, and over the month was a time to see positive results in long term professional projects. This month, November, the full moon is in Taurus, and there was a lunar eclipse yesterday morning. This month is for staying inside and cooking delicious food to avoid disagreements and blowouts, says Sophie Saint Thomas of Allure Magazine.

Full Moon Gratitude List

    1. Reconnecting with an old friend.

    This started over the summer. We've gotten together to trade massage a few times. We've also gone for walks, runs, and happy hour. This month we enjoyed Indian food at one of my favorite lunch buffets.

    2. Buffalo Creek Half Marathon

    I ran the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon. I was gifted the entry from a running friend, and two other friends agreed to run with me. One picked me up so I didn't have to drive myself there, and then we enjoyed lunch afterwards at a nice hotel/restaurant.

    3. Pumpkin Run

    Running friends met and we ran to a pumpkin festival, where giant carved pumpkins were on display. I ran with this group last year as well. I enjoy this run very much.

    4. Massage/Acupuncture Trade

    Another friend and I trade: I get massage from her and I give her acupuncture in return. Happily, we got together this month for a trade, and I am always grateful.

    5. I had three new acupuncture clients, and one more scheduled and upcoming.

    6. My Osher class began and is going well.

    I enjoy teaching this class over zoom. My notes were already prepared since I've taught this class before, and it is enjoyable to teach, and the students seem happy with it and enthusiastic.

    7. A personal essay of mine was published in The Sun Magazine.

    I didn't know it had been accepted, but a couple of copies of the November issue arrived in the mail yesterday, with my article inside. I also now receive a subscription to this wonderful magazine for a year.

    8. I walked a 10 mile race with a friend.

    I had pulled or even torn a muscle in my calf just three days before the race, but I was able to still walk the entire thing. Not only that, but a friend walked with me for the whole race, making it so much more fun than just plodding along alone. In fact, I'm almost positive I wouldn't have completed the course if I had been alone. My pace was much faster than I expected or knew I could walk, even though we closed the race down, and were literally among the last to finish. There were maybe 3-5 people behind us. But my running group was there at the finish line cheering us on, and we all went out to lunch after.

    9. My daughter and I met my mother-in-law for brunch

    I mean, I guess she's still my mother-in-law? Now that my husband is dead, maybe she isn't anymore? But she's still my daughter's grandmother, and we met her for brunch this weekend, and it was nice to see her and catch up.

    10. Went to Frostburg, MD with a friend

    Less than two hours away was a magnificent mountain town of Frostburg. We had such a fun day, starting with the farmer's market where I bought a huge indoor Greek basil plant (almost a bush). We browsed the organic market, yarn store, had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then visited Main Street Books (the actual reason we went), and the Nettle Patch, a cool herb shop where I had golden milk (tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, etc in oatmilk) and an herb truffle made with sunflower butter, cacao, honey, and other herbs blended together and rolled into a ball. Then we walked on the bike trail and I took pictures of a lovely sculpture park that wound up a hill. The fall colors were beautiful

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