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♊ 6 Things About Gemini

Gemini time as the busyness of spring picks up!

♊ 6 Things About Gemini

    1. Adaptable

    Often Jack-of-All-Trades type, usually willing to switch it up to get things going. Usually upbeat and ready to try anything at least once to see how it works out.

    While being a master-of-none may not earn the accolades of the elites, it's probably better than master-of-one-adapting-to-none. Ask the extinct species of the world.

    2. Irreverent

    Wont to rambling or commenting with whatever comes to mind, often in a clever ot witty way. In fact, it's usually just the obvious being stated but no one else has bothered to. Nothing personal.

    This flippancy can come across as impolite or straight up offensive even if it's not meant to be anything but informative or entertaining. Be prepared for more than just booing and tomatoes.

    3. Chaotic

    That manic energy and cheageability projects a chaotic aura. Well, maybe it's not just the aura but the whole package! Decisions, actions, and even personas can switch on a whim. The changing winds of direction can be dizzying for anyone trying to keep track.

    A somewhat poor advertisement for dependability, but at least no one can say it's boring! It's fun if one can keep ahead and not be thrown off by this tornado.

    4. Cunning

    A cleverness when mixed with the right mindset can be very, very useful for getting what one wants. Whether through debate or sleight of hand.

    But what a tangled web is weaved when such skill is used to deceive! It takes even more skill to not end up hung with one's own rope.

    5. Aloof

    A rampant and clever mind can have one's attention off elsewhere and away from the mundane world of things, tasks, and emotions. What does anything matter if one doesn't mind it?

    Detachment can come off as shallow, and it is hard to develop deep and lasting bonds with someone who seems unconcerned with anything or anyone deemed uninteresting.

    6. Curious

    Driven to find, discover, and most importantly play with what is new and interesting usually leads to a quick and bright mind for one's whole life. This can quickly lead to boredom, so good thing the universe is so vast.

    Still, there is probably a difference between facts, factoids, trivia, and trivial pursuits, and it may take a while to figure this puzzle out.

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