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Gimmicks - Where Curiosity Goes To Die

Gimmick - a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.

I've invested a lot of my time and money into gimmicks. Gimmicks are hard to resist especially when they're marketed well.

Here's one gimmick that just made its way into my inbox just a few days ago by someone who shall remain nameless that a lot of people "respect."
"How to get the $397 “Traffic Intensifier Software” for just $27 today!
(See Banner Below)

There's are many problems with gimmicks but the biggest one is that they simply don't work. And even if they do work (which is quite rare) they only work for a very short time before you're off to look for another gimmick.


    1. Gimmicks definitely attract attention.

    As the old saying goes - "Sell the sizzle, not the steak"
    You got to get my attention first and this is done by any means necessary. Some people refer to this as "writing good copy" - say or do anything to get me to take the next action (right)

    2. Gimmicks are great profit centers for the business owner.

    Somewhere in the 90% percentile of people who buy said software will fail. They will fail to get the result that wanted. They will fail to get the results that the creator has said are possible (not guaranteed).

    The creator laughs all the way to the bank - the students continue to suffer financially, mentally, and psychologically.

    Who's to blame, the marketer or the student? No one - it's a gimmick.

    3. Gimmicks are like deflated balloons.

    By the time a gimmick arrives at our doorstep you can best believe all of the air has been already sucked out of it. Either the market is saturated or the marketplace has moved on to something else.

    4. Gimmicks are detractions.

    Gimmicks keep us immersed in nothingness. Even if we're able to get the gimmick to work for us we soon find out it's not sustainable. We end up spending an enormous amount of time being distracted by something that produces little to no fruit.

    5. Gimmicks are presented as the answers to our most pressing problems (prayers).

    By investing in the new gimmick I'm going to be able to solve my financial problems as well as my relationship problems. This is exactly what I've been looking for...until a week or two passes and I discover that it wasn't.

    6. People offering gimmicks don't care about me.

    Do you really believe the guy who sent me the email above cares about me? I have since unsubscribed to his email offerings.

    NOPE! I don't know the last time I heard from this marketer. It's Memorial Day Weekend so it's a convenient time for him to send out an email offer to see how many people will bite. It's a numbers game.

    7. Gimmicks are not the whole story.

    $27 is not the entire story. I didn't click on the link but I know there are some upsells because there always are especially at such a low price-point. Not only that but what about all the work that's involved that I'm totally unaware of at this point and won't know until I've forked over the money.

    Now remember we started off with the premise that the person that's trying to sell me something doesn't give a fart about me...I'm just a number.

    8. Don't Pay Attention To The Wrapping - Look At What's Inside

    Let's assume that I could make at least 6-figures by purchasing the software. That would be quite an return-on-investment if I could achieve such a feat.

    However, the real thing up for consideration is not how much money I could possibly earn - am I interested in doing the thing in the first place?
    Is this software assisting me in giving my gifts and talents to the world?
    Or in the words of rappers - Am I just chasin' a bag?
    I am not concerned about money and trinkets - If don't enjoy the experience and it's not within my "zone of genius" I'm out.

    9. Gimmicks are like Crack Cocaine.

    I've never taken the drug before but I know many people who have. One of my childhood friends said something very profound to me during the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, "I smoke this sh*t so you won't have to"

    I've also watched many documentaries on the topic.
    You will chase the high you get from the first hit, never to arrive at that state again.
    The high is short-lived and once you're done with the dope you spend your entire day - perhaps your life looking for more dope to smoke.

    Gimmicks give us a similar short-lived high, but just like the Crack, it always falls short of delivering what it promises.

    10. It's one damn Gimmick after another.

    Gimmicks have an insatiable appetite.
    Gimmicks are plentiful and they have no problem taking all of your money and time.
    Gimmicks are bitter and don't produce a lot of fruit.
    Gimmicks stand on every street corner with easy barriers to entry.
    Gimmicks are quite clever - chameleon-like - we don't see most gimmicks until it's a sunk cost.

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