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God Has Deep Pockets

If I can outspend my competition. I win.

    1. The last thing most people will think or talk about today is God.

    Raise your hand if you agree with me.

    It seems almost blasphemous to do so.

    To say that man is precisely what God made him to be is sheer blasphemy

    2. Perfect body. Perfect bank account.

    Cannot compare to eternity.

    It's not that people ask for too much, they ask for far too little.

    3. You spend and you spend and you eventually go out of business.

    I told you God had deep pockets.

    Your 110-year-old body eventually had to concede.

    4. He asks the least but offers the most.

    To have a shift in your perception. Just a teeny weeny little willingness.

    Where there's pain. Offer comfort.

    Where there's hate. Offer love.

    Where there's separation. Offer connection.

    Where there's war. Offer peace.

    Cultivating these soft skills (changes in perception) is the path of least resistance.

    5. God loves you.

    Honestly, it sounds a bit strange to say these words to you.

    Not because it isn't True.

    Because the world has anthropomorphized God. 
    They attribute human characteristics and behavior to God.
    Either God made us or we made god. If God made us we're in very capable hands but if we made god we're screwed. Big Time!

    6. What you value is valueless and your entire life is spent chasing air.

    Anything that has meaning to you, you are the only one giving it value.

    You are the only one who can give it value.

    If you take away the value, it is nothing.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with chasing money, mo' money, sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.

    That's just not it. Deep within you already know this to be true.

    7. Everybody must come home or else it's an L.

    You have a pot of boiling water.

    That boiling pot of water is your perceptual world.

    Anything you put into your pot is going to change. Including yourself.


    Now, some people are Carrots. Your firm and crisp, with smooth and unblemished skin. You've made it, in what the world calls success but you've lost your soul in the process.

    Over time the heat and the pressure inside the pot cause the carrot to soften and turn into mush. Time runs out.


    Some people are Eggs. Their hearts are hardened. Shells that are thick as a brick. They're incapable of giving and receiving love.

    Over time the heat and the pressure inside the pot cause the egg to explode. Time runs out.


    Some people are Coffee. They're strong, have a pleasant aroma and they always smell fresh.

    Over time the heat and the pressure inside the pot cause the coffee to transform. It's not water any longer, it's coffee. A medium roast with aromas that are both floral and complex. Often exhibiting hints of pineapple, citrus, and coconut. It leaves a velvety feeling on the palate.

    The Coffee people change the molecular structure of the water. The entire atmosphere.

    The power to change is inside the Bean, the same as the power to change is inside of You.

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