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God the Father Asked Me To Send This Message To You Today

I'm only the messenger.

    1. No matter the color of your skin or what you've done.

    God loves you!

    2. God is interested in the welfare of people.

    3. God wants to help you in your present situation.

    4. God wants me to tell you there's nothing you have to do to be loved by him.

    This is your birthright.

    5. Call on her name today and watch love rush into your heart.

    Call on something bigger than your SELF.

    6. God recognizes his Divinity as your own.

    • God passes Divinity on to you.
    • You are an unseparated self from God.
    • Your Divinity is not of you. It has nothing to do with what you do or say.
    • Your Divinity is not yours to ruin. You cannot destroy or ruin what God has created.
    • You can obscure your Divinity by your illusions but you can't change it.
    • The grievances you hold and your belief in a separated self blinds you to your own Divinity.

    7. God wants you to know that you have not done something so bad that you can ruin what he created.


    Crazy idea.

    You can make mistakes (errors in judgment) by acting in an unloving way but that NEVER touches your actual lovingness.

    There is no power that can overcome your Divinity and the Truth.

    You can't alter or ruin yourself. You can refuse to acknowledge what you are but you can't change what you are.

    8. Finally, God wants me to share with you one final note.

    There's only one path to Real Love - Forgiveness.

    It is not possible that you can harm or be harmed.

    Forms (bodies) can appear to be harmed but that is not the truth of you.

    You are NOT GUILTY!

    You're harmless. You have not changed reality one iota.

    Think about this a lot as you move about your day.

    I hope you find this message comforting today. It sure makes me feel good.

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