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Going With the God

If I asked for your help would you help me?

If I begged you for something I really thought I needed would you give it to me?

If I told you it would benefit you greatly if you helped me would that be enough to change the dynamics of our conversation?

Here's what I did instead, I petitioned God. I appealed to the All-Mighty.

    1. God I know that you are omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, send me the people that can assist me in carrying out the plan you have for me.

    2. God I know that your words can only be loving so teach me what to say and how to say what is most urgent for me to say.

    3. God I know that you have access to way more data and insight than me so show me where to go and who I need to talk to.

    4. God I know you're independent and sufficient, teach me how to be like you.

    5. God teach me how not to be a slave to the mental programming and conditioning of the world.

    6. God if I had a choice of pleasing someone in the world versus choosing You, I'll choose you every time.

    7. God, I understand that when I go with You there's nothing I need to add or subtract - I am whole.

    8. God, I know that if I'm backed by You everyone else benefits.

    9. God I finally realized that if I choose to go against Love, its not Love that fails, it's me.

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